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Las Cristinas

Crystallex is committed to employing the highest standards of corporate citizenship at Las Cristinas and recognizes the importance of developing a long term partnership with the local communities. The Company’s social development program for Las Cristinas is dedicated to supporting the communities near Las Cristinas with long term employment training, economic development, local infrastructure and health care. Crystallex has hired a Community Relations Director, based in Las Claritas, to oversee the implementation of the social development program. To date, Crystallex has spent approximately US$2.0 million on the Las Cristinas social development program.

A number of local infrastructure construction projects have been completed, including:

  • Thirty new homes were constructed for local residents
  • Built and installed three new water treatment plants, inclusive of reticulation
  • Built and installed two new sewage treatment plants and related sewerage network
  • Upgraded and paved local community roads
  • A new local medical centre has been designed and the plans have been submitted for necessary permitting. It will be built in the town of Santo Domingo. The existing medical centre that was upgraded by Crystallex will continue to be fully operational.  Crystallex continues to supply medicines on a monthly basis.

In addition, the Company employs over 125 local residents and is providing ongoing programs for technical assistance training and the Company is also funding and administering a scholastic scholarship program.  Since 2002, Crystallex has created over 1,200 jobs at Las Cristinas and the neighboring communities.

On January 26, 2004, the mayor of the Municipality of Sifontes and the Governor of Bolivar State presented Crystallex and the Las Cristinas Project with the “Orden (Order of) General Dimingos Sifontes – Primera Clase”. This annual award is the highest award bestowed by the Municipality and recognizes Crystallex’s contribution to the Municipality and its residents.